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Tips to overcome hair problems caused by monsoon season

Tips to overcome hair problems caused by monsoon season!

After facing extreme heat in the summer, we are all looking forward to the monsoon season. Rain makes us happy and lightens our mood, but the monsoon season brings its own hair problems. Making our hair frizzy, having dandruff, and having our hair fall are the main problems that are commonly faced in this season. But not to worry, we are here with some excellent hair care tips that will wipe up your problems and make your hair healthy!

  • Frizzy hairs

frizzy hair problem

Due to the extreme moisture in the air, hair turns frizzy. The humidity present in the air makes it very difficult for us to manage our hair.

  1. Use a good conditioner. Conditioner provides a coating that protects your hair. It locks in moisture and helps prevent pollution. Using conditioner twice can prevent hair from becoming frizzy.
  2. Hair masks add volume and make your hair shine. It adds moisture and has properties to deeply condition hair. Use hair masks to reduce damage and frizz in your hair.
  3. Avoid using heating tools, as they burn away essential nutrients from hair.
  4. Use a mild, sulphate-free shampoo that is gentle on your scalp. Shampoos with an excess amount of sulphate present in them are harsh on your scalp, plus they remove all the essential oils present in your hair.
  • Dandruff

monsoon hair problem

During the rainy season, our scalp remains humid, and sometimes hair gets wet in rainwater, which causes yeast and bacteria to grow. Dandruff is not a serious medical condition but can cause itchiness caused by yeast, which grows in warm environments like our scalp. Flakes of dandruff in the hair appear, which can make us uncomfortable. Here are some suggestions to get rid of dandruff easily.

  1. using an umbrella is the easiest and most efficient way to keep your hair from getting potential pollutants present in rainwater.
  2. Shampoos to treat dandruff are easily available. Always make sure that the shampoo is appropriate for your hair type. Follow the instructions carefully mentioned on the bottle. If one shampoo doesn’t work, try different dandruff shampoos with different ingredients listed.
  3. There are several home remedies, like using olive oil, rubbing lemon juice on your scalp, leaving it for five minutes and rinsing it off, and rubbing aloe Vera on your scalp before showering.
  • Hair fall

monsoon hair fall

Humidity present in hair leads to fungal infection. Acidic rains and chemicals present in the rainwater cause harm to hair, which weakens your hair and causes hair fall and damage. Therefore, we must protect our hair from rainwater. Down below are some tricks to save yourselves from hair fall.

  1. Apply coconut oil twice a week. The deep moisturizing properties of coconut oil reduce dryness and improve blood circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting hair follicle growth.
  2. washing the hair is necessary to keep a clean and healthy scalp. However, do not overdo it, as it will wash away all the essential oils present. Use a shampoo suitable for your hair type and sulphur-free.
  3. Eat a healthy diet that contains proteins and all the essential nutrients required for healthy hair.
  4.  Application of onion juice is also useful to prevent hair loss. Apply onion juice to the scalp before taking a shower. Leave it on for some time, then rinse it off.


We are all set to face the monsoon season without any worries. Follow these simple tips and enjoy the season carefree. If you are still facing problems, contact a dermatologist to find out the cause and solution of your problem. At Rich Infinity we provide excellent hair care services! Feel free to reach out to us for all of your hair problems.

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