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Vishrantwadi: 8am to 9pm (All Days)
Kharadi: 8am to 10pm (All Days)
Keshav Nagar: 8am to 9pm (All Days)
Lohegaon: 9pm to 9pm (All Days)

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Mon to Fri - 10am to 5pm
Sat - 10am to 1pm
Sunday - Closed
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Cheryl’s Facials & Bleach


Cheryl's Facial & Bleach Treatments & Salon in Pune

Welcome to Rich Infinity Unisex Salon and Academy, where skincare reaches new heights with our exclusive Cheryl’s facials and bleach treatments.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury as our skilled estheticians at Rich Infinity bring you the renowned Cheryl’s skincare experience. Our Cheryl’s facials are crafted to rejuvenate and enhance your skin, providing a bespoke solution tailored to your unique complexion. From hydration to anti-aging, each facial is a personalized journey towards radiant, healthy skin.

For a brighter, more even complexion, explore our specialized Cheryl’s bleach treatments. Our expert estheticians use premium Cheryl’s products to deliver gentle yet effective solutions, leaving your skin visibly illuminated and refreshed.

cherlys facial treatments in Pune


Facial and Bleach Treatments Unisex Salon in Pune
Facial and Bleach Treatments in Pune
About us

Why Choose Us

Rich Infinity Unisex Salon and Academy

At Rich Infinity, we prioritize excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction. Our team comprises skilled professionals passionate about their craft, and dedicated to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques. We strive to create a welcoming environment where you feel valued, heard, and transformed.


Join us at Rich Infinity Unisex Salon And Academy and experience a fusion of artistry, sophistication, and personalized care that transcends boundaries. Your journey to beauty, confidence, and success begins here.

Best unisex salon In Pune

Craftsmanship Redefined

Our USP lies in the meticulous craftsmanship that defines every cut, style, and colour

Global Trends, Local Expertise

Stay ahead of the curve with our commitment to global trends. We blend international styles with local expertise

Innovation at its Core

We is synonymous with innovation. Our professionals are not just trend followers; they are trendsetters

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach means every visit to us is personalised, making you feel valued & understood

Integrated Ecosystem

What sets us apart is our integrated approach. We offer a seamless ecosystem

Quality and Luxury

Using the finest products & cutting-edge equipment ensures you receive a service that's not just Satisfying but Indulgent

They said


Service was done very nicely. Naeem assisted me and did his job pretty well. Pretty nice property as well. Happy with the service
Poonam Bansode ● Customer


Raghav exceeded my expectations with both the haircut and beard grooming. His attention to detail and precision in shaping my hair and beard showcase his skill and expertise. The overall experience was delightful, and I left the salon feeling confident and satisfied. I highly recommend Raghav for anyone seeking a top-notch haircut and beard service.
Shivam Raj ● Customer


I found best place for my hair, i heartily appreciate the service. The best thing about RIUS they give great attention to there clients. Proper time diya jata he that makes amazing to this salon. I honestly found welcoming to Nisha and Naeem. Thanks for the service guys 😊☺️ thanks for the pleasure service!!
Simran Rajput ● Customer

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Vishrantwadi: 8am to 9pm (All Days)
Kharadi: 8am to 10pm (All Days)
Keshav Nagar: 8am to 9pm (All Days)
Lohegaon: 9pm to 9pm (All Days)


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